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18th Edition Courses

We offer 3 options for all experience levels to complete your 18th Edition update course. Select from the options below.

2 Day Fast Track | 4 Day Course5 Day Course

Become a Plumber

We offer a Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing Foundation, which after 8 weeks of training at our bespoke built training centre, you we be able to work in the building services industry.

About Us

Universal Skills Group offer a wide range of training courses and apprenticeships, with unique, industry leading facilities and first class tutors. Whether you want to work for your yourself or you are a business looking to develop your existing employees, we can help. We do things differently, we like to meet with you before you make any decisions about your future. In our training centres you’ll find bespoke facilities built for real-life scenario-based training and we’re passionate about supporting our learners throughout their journey with Universal Skills Group.

Employers, Accreditors & Partners

Who Works With Us?

We work with some of the biggest companies in the U.K, providing our first class training and apprenticeships to help develop organisations across the country. 

Our Accreditors and Partners are some of the most reputable organisations in the training and apprenticeships industries, we are very proud to have built these relationships over the years, which help Universal Skills Group deliver, first class training courses and apprenticeships.

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