McNally EV - EV Installer Opportunity

Live in the Midlands? 

Universal Skills have partnered with McNally EV to recruit new EV Charge Point Installers across the Midlands, offering a starting salary of £33k a year.

No previous experience required. All you need to do is complete our Domestic Installer course. Candidates will then be given the opportunity to interview for an EV installer role with McNally EV. 

Those who successfully apply will also receive 10% off the price of the Domestic Installer course.

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McNally EV

About McNally EV

McNally EV are the UK’s leading supplier and installer of electric vehicle charging points. 

They are a family run business from Yorkshire and have been in the electric vehicle industry for over 10 years installing roughly 9,000 charge points across the UK.

How to apply

Fill in the form and we'll contact you with available dates and booking information. 

Once you've qualified McNally EV will then reach out to you to arrange an interview for any open EV installer positions. 

Please note, spaces on this course are strictly limited. Course applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

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Domestic Installer Course with Universal Skills

Our 6 week domestic installer course is ideal for new entrants to the electrical installations industry and covers EV charge point installation as one of four modules. 

Candidates are required to pass each module through a formal assessment or exam in order to complete the full course. Each completed module awards candidate with new qualifications. The training is undertaken at the Universal Skills training centre in Wakefield and includes both classroom learning and practical workshops.

Anyone applying through this route will receive additional support from McNally EV to complete their e-portfolio as part of module 4 (Electrical Installations in Dwellings). 

For more information regarding the Domestic Installer course, please visit our course page here.

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