CMA1 Re-Assessment

Course Information

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Intro :

For re-assessment candidates must have held the element previously - if this has expired within 12 months of the assessment date the initial assessment must be undertaken.

Aims :

To enable you to work safely on the meter and associated pipework.

Syllabus :

  • Checking the intended installation site.
  • Types of meter boxes and housings
  • The gas connection and meter outlet
  • Securing the meter correctly
  • Ventilation requirements (if any)
  • Tightness testing
  • Inlet and operating pressures
  • Commissioning and testing of the meter
  • Labelling the meter and recording installation details
  • Other ‘site specific’ checks and tests

Certification :

UK Certification

Notes :

After 5 years candidates can undertake the re-assessment up to 6 months early without losing any time (MOT Style). Previous certificates must be produced at the time of assessment as evidence.

Duration :

3 Days

Fees :


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