Happy world EV day!

Happy world EV day!

Today is World EV Day! At Universal Skills Group we are passionately invested in the world of EV, so this is an important day in our calendar. So far we have trained over 500 people in the center to install electric charging points in both domestic and commercial settings. We have also trained over 700 people nationally through our wholesaler and commercial client network. We are committed to playing our part in advancing the movement from fossil fuels to electricity. With the UK government banning the production of petrol and diesel cars as early as 2032, the push for the switch to electric vehicles has never been greater, this is why awareness about EV is so important. To find out more about World EV day keep reading.



Today is the first world EV Day however, it is set to be an annual celebration of all things EV. Since climate change is a global issue, World EV Day is a global event. The function of World EV Day is to put more focus on the future of zero-emission transports and how we can commit to a sustainable ecosystem without the need for fossil fuels.



The celebration day is organised by ABB and Green.TV. ABB is a global engineering company, whose focus is on transforming the industry to become more sustainable. Green.TV is a media company, that center themselves on telling and projecting stories around sustainability. These two companies will be working with other partners and leaders in the EV sector to build an internal e-mobility movement.



As mentioned before World EV Day was designed to bring awareness to a zero-emission future. It is also hoped by the creators that this campaign will act as a global catalyst to bring about positive change for the future. As part of World EV Day, the creators have created an EV pledge which you can find here. The pledge is for drivers to commit to making their next car electric.



Ever since 2009 EV sales have picked up and been rapidly increasing. The goal in the UK was 1,700,000 electric vehicles on the road by this year. Currently, there are 330,800 plug-in cars registered in the UK. In the UK we still have a long way to go before we start hitting targets however, good strides are being made. By the end of this year, we should expect to see at least 20 fully-electric cars on sale. Electric cars are slowly becoming more affordable and the range of vehicles on offer is expanding. Government grants are still on offer that takes up £3,500 off the price off new models of electric vehicles.


Overall the future of EV looks brighter now than ever and with campaigns like World EV Day, more people than ever are becoming aware of the benefits of electric vehicles. At Universal Skills Group we are proud of our part in helping to build a more sustainable future. If you want to also be a part of one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK check out our EV charge point installer course here

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