Apprenticeship Training - Covid Update

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Apprenticeship Training - Covid Update

As we face new restrictions as a result of the growing number of Omicron cases, we thought it would be a good idea to update you on how Universal Skills are continuing to learn and adapt our training for apprentice groups in this unprecedented era.

Adapting to lockdown learning

During lockdown we were eager to make sure that our apprentices learning journey wasn't disrupted, creating online sessions and fun interactive quizzes to ensure that they could continue to enhance their knowledge and behaviours.

For a few months we successfully managed to keep our toe in the training pool with mandatory re-assessments to assess already qualified engineers, with anticipation of having our apprentices back in the centre for face-to-face training.

When we were finally able to resume we continued to split our sessions to adhere to reduced numbers within the centre (social distancing, disinfecting etc.), this meant running separate AM and PM sessions for groups. Whilst this was an adjustment for all, it was imperative that we were able to adapt to the ‘new normal’ as quickly as possible..

Training today

Fast forward to our training today, we have welcomed 7 new apprentice groups into the centre, we have managed to incorporate much of the material produced during lockdown into the sessions, as these benefitted many of our learners.

Remote sessions recorded during lockdown are now accessible on our online portfolio and can be used by any apprentice who may have missed sessions, or who want to learn more about specific topics or access videos for further revision.

Some useful content can also be found on our YouTube channel, with knowledge hub videos providing bitesize teachings from our in-centre tutors that, apprentices may also find useful. 

Managing further centre disruption

While the future around covid-19 remains fairly uncertain at this time, our main goal will always be to support our apprentices throughout their learning journey. If circumstances were to change (.i.e. another lockdown is announced), we would seek to revert to remote learning and input new measures to ensure minimal disruption to any ongoing training.

If you would like any more information on how we have adapted and where our 2022 focus lies, listen to our Continuous Improvement’ Podcast.

From all of us at Universal Skills we hope you have a wonderful (and safe) Christmas.

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