Become a Placement Partner

We are looking for reputable Gas Safe companies to become a Placement Partner, allowing one of our adult learners to spend around 8 weeks with you or your team for zero cost, building up their portfolio of evidence.

Becoming a Placement Partner means you are only committing to offering a placement not a job position. However, if you are interested in recruiting a gas engineer, we can match you with someone suitable for no cost.

Discount on ACS Domestic Gas Refresher Courses

If you become a Placement Partner 1 engineer from your firm can access 10% of an ACS Domestic Gas Refresher course.


You’re giving someone an opportunity

All of our learners are adults, mainly looking for career changes. The average age is mid 30. You’re giving someone the opportunity to complete their self-funded training.


Recruitment – Costs you Zero

60% of our placement companies offered the engineers placed with them a job at the end. If you’re interested in recruiting someone new, this will cost you nothing and you get to ‘try before you buy’. Around 25% are looking to work for themselves.

They’re Semi-Skilled Workers

All learners will have been through 8 weeks training in our training centre, so will be competent and not just a labourer.


They are adult learners – Not teenagers

We have a lot of ex-military and people looking to change their career. Our learners are all 20+ and the majority are 30+. They are funding themselves to further their careers and are semi-skilled at the time of joining you.


We promote YOU!

For our very best Placement Partners that encourage photographs and feedback, we will promote their business on our website and social media channels, and also feature in our case studies and blogs.

Quotes from our learners...

How will the learner join us?

Almost all learners drive and have their own vehicle and it is the learners’ responsibility to get to you and accompany you on jobs. Of course, this can be discussed between you but they are aware they can be expected to travel up to 30 minutes to get to their placement.


How soon will you have someone for me?

Our courses run monthly, so we could have someone suitable for you sooner rather than later. Just let us know if there’s any time you can’t do.


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